Jim Chapman was born in London, Canada in 1949 and began reading almost as soon as he could hold a book. He still reads for at least an hour virtually every day, on a wide range of topics. His personal reference library includes more than 4,000 volumes.

Jim's writing talents brought him early recognition and encouragement from his teachers and his poems and essays were featured in various school publications. With that early boost in confidence he has continued to write throughout his life.

As a teenager in the 1960's, Jim was caught up the world of rock and roll music that was taking over the airwaves and the culture, and dropped out of school to pursue a career as a performer.

For the next twenty-five years he worked in music and music-related fields and wrote and recorded several dozen songs, two of which were local hits that led to three albums of original material.

By the late 1980's he was the editor of the Musicians' Association magazine "The Crescendo", and began writing scripts for radio and television commercials as well as a series of essays on contemporary politics.

That led to his own talk radio program in the early 1990's, television show in 2002, and a parallel writing career as a very well-known columnist with The Forest City News, The London Free Press and Business London Magazine, with occasional articles appearing in other publications as well.

Over the past two decades Jim became one of the best-known media figures in southern Ontario.

In 1999 a severe heart attack left him dead in a hospital ER and before he was revived he had a Near Death Experience of unusual clarity. It led to his first book, the regional best-seller "Heart and Soul" (published in 2001 but now out of print).

He subsequently wrote a longer, revised version of that book titled "Come Back to Life", an inspirational volume published in Canada by Bettger Books and available through this website.

Jim retired from the media in 2011 to devote more time to his writing, and Bettger Books recently published his first novel, "His Will Be Done", a story of international intrigue and religious fanaticism in the White House. He continues to live in London and is currently working on several new projects. His next novel is a murder mystery titled "Sky Com: The Immortals and is set in the last quarter of the 21st century. It is scheduled for publication in February of 2012.